The Art of Attracting Luxury, Expedition, & River Cruise Clients

Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler


"Putting Dan’s teachings into practice, I have already closed 4 high end sales this week - two American Queen and two Crystal Cruises! "

Eiko Yamamoto, TravelEdge


Or are you too busy chasing budget clients just to keep the lights on?

Consider these key market indicators...

According to AMR's Luxury Travel Market Outlook-2026, the global luxury travel market is expected to generate $1.614 trillion by 2026

Luxury cruise capacity has practically doubled since 2015 and luxury tour and hotel segments are also increasing capacity in order to keep up with the escalating demand.

While Baby Boomers between 51 and 69 years will dominate the luxury travel market for the next 10-15 years, the Millennial segment is projected to surge creating an escalating opportunity that is predicted to last for the next 20-25 years.

ARC's Global Luxury Travel Market Growth (Status and Outlook) 2019-2024 predicts the luxury travel market will be the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry worldwide over the next decade

What Does All This Mean For You?

It means Luxury and Expedition Travel is the place to be for travel agents committed to taking their business to the next level. There's ample opportunity  because it’s also the most underserved by travel agents.
According to Travel Weekly, the focus on selling luxury travel is DOWN as much as 9%!

Why is that?

Partly it's a lack of appreciation of the priorities of luxury travel clientele. Affluent travelers aren't looking for the cheapest seats and most popular tours. They want unique experiences PLUS quality accommodations and world-class service.

If travel agents aren't stepping up to fill those desires, affluent travelers are forced to book direct. 

So if you dream of earning "commissions with commas," isn’t it time you got serious about mastering the sales strategies that win luxury travel clients? 

Because to succeed with the affluent traveler, you need a systematic and proven plan of attack to capture their travel dollars...

And their valuable REFERRALS!

"My students get results because they commit to executing a sales strategy focused on developing an affluent segment as part of their business plan."

- Dan Chappelle, Founder  - The Wealthy Travel Agent


What Dan’s students are saying about his programs:


“I took Dan Chappelle’s “Secrets to Selling the Affluent Traveler” this [past] fall...I have a marketing plan with some target markets that I would not have thought to prospect without Dan’s class. It was a great investment for my business and it’s already starting to pay dividends.”

- Starr Woldarski, Perrysburg, Ohio


“It was like a lightbulb turned on in my head. The way Dan speaks and teaches allowed everything to make sense to me...I am so excited to become a Luxury Travel Agent!”

- Amy Hamra, Austin, Texas


“Dan has a gift of explaining and illustrating [his method] that caused me to have a eureka moment! His course is worth the investment.”

- ST, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Meet Dan Chappelle - Founder of The Wealthy Travel Agent

“I almost went broke trying to break into the luxury travel market”

There’s is a lot more to it than hanging out a shingle (or website) and announcing to the world you’re in the luxury travel business. This market is unique and demanding and can easily book directly if their needs are not being met by their travel agent.

If you’ve ever tried to sell to the affluent traveler you might have already experienced this. 

I know I did! But over time, I discovered the secrets of attracting and selling the affluent customer. After much trial and error, I finally created a system that saw my agency’s profits skyrocket! 

What I had discovered took my agency to the next level...

Eventually, as Vice President of Sales at Windstar Cruises, I incorporated my secrets into adviser trainings that helped Windstar win Conde Nast’s 2014 Small Ship Cruise Line of the Year. 

It took me years to achieve this kind of success. I tried so many different approaches, tweaked and honed my sales process, launched campaign after campaign, and refined my methods until it was consistent, dependable, and most of all, profitable. 

And now I am sharing my exact system with you. 

Forget about working for years to figure all of this out. Instead, you can skip all the sales calls and pitches that turned sour. Save the money you would have spent on marketing campaigns that flopped or fizzled. 

All you have to do is click one of the buttons below and you’ll have immediate access to my powerful system as well as the training and personal guidance that ensures you’re able to implement everything with success.

Everyone needs an experienced guide to successfully bring their business to the next level and in the travel business Dan Chappelle is the real deal."

- Perry Lungmus

Vice President, Luxury Travel, Travel Leaders Group


Instead, you can:

...commit to learning a proven system for finding and identifying affluent travel prospects

...create a strategic plan that moves your business solidly into the luxury travel segment

...reorganize your daily activities so you're focusing your efforts where they'll really pay off

...learn how to sell high ticket packages and get quality referrals confidently and with ease


Because you'll be learning from a respected professional who's done the real-world hard work of building a 7-figure agency!



The Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler

Your COMPLETE A-Z System That Walks You Through the EXACT Steps For Finding, Identifying, Connecting With, and Selling to the Affluent Traveler!

That's just a fancy way of saying you'll get access to:

  • Eight Modules with over 40 video lessons taught by Dan himself
  • Access to downloadable PDF slides for each lesson
  • The Secrets to Selling to the Affluent Traveller Workbook to help you progress through the course content easily
  • 6 Bi-Weekly Live teaching & coaching sessions where you can ask Dan anything using Zoom
  • Dan’s own Dynamic Prospecting Worksheets
  • Access to Dan’s Complete Action Plan (CAP) Template
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files for each lesson
  • Membership in the exclusive Wealthy Travel Agent Facebook Group
  • Exclusive access to Dan via a private email address - even after the course is complete!



Benefits of an affluent traveler sales strategy

We start by looking at the variety of opportunities that are available in this market segment. Then we’ll look at the strategies that work to move these buyers to book with us. And finally you’ll take action to identify the opportunities that might be right for your business - and how much they could be worth to you...and more!


Creating the wealthy travel agent mindset

Learn how to break through the mental blocks you may have when it comes to wealth and sales. Discover how fear can sabotage your work and your interaction with clients. Finish with some simple exercises that will help you uncover what’s been holding you back until now...and more!


Getting your S.H.I.P. together

You already know you need product knowledge and sales skills to succeed, but do you know what the third skill is? Learn that as well as how to harness habit and inspiration. Dan introduces you to his Complete Action Plan (CAP) method and gets into performance analysis before sending you off to start building your own CAP...and more!


Learning how to identify affluent travelers 

Learn what a HENRY is and why it’s critical that you’re able to identify the differences between aspirational and affluent lifestyle markers. Build upon the previous lessons by completing the final actions that will help you recognize and target the affluent traveler...and even more!


Why emotional connection pays off

During week five you’ll discover why selling products doesn’t work with the affluent traveler. Instead, you’ll learn what does and how you can leverage that to sell adventure, enrichment, wellness, and bucket list packages that will keep your clients coming back to you for more!


Direct referral marketing made easy

Starting with your current customers and prospects, learn how to leverage social media and surveys to identify affluent travelers that are already in your database. Discover the power of Referral Marketing and how it can drive ideal buyers to your business. Finally, you will create a plan to strategically tap your existing network to create connections that pay...and much more!


How to sell to the affluent traveler

Learn the 3 things top travel sellers do. Identify the traits of a successful salesperson and why combining that with Dan’s sales system will enable you to feel confident and completely in control as you cruise past objections and close your next affluent customer. And you'll finally learn how to do follow up the right way - without being a pest or feeling awkward! Plus even more!


Building and executing your CAP

In week eight you’ll be putting everything together and fully fleshing out your Complete Action Plan (CAP) using Dan’s exact CAP template. You’ll have complete clarity around your what, your why, your who, and your how, along with an actionable strategy to achieve your business goals over the next 30, 60, and 90 days. *Plus, participants who elected the single payment option when joining will be invited to Schedule their private 60-minute session with Dan once they've completed their CAP!


It’s ENTIRELY too easy to fall into the trap of thinking you don't have the time to learn something new - or break into a new market segment.

...And it IS an excuse.

Because while you're filling your days with cold calls and cringeworthy follow-ups with idea-seeking budget clients, another travel agent is out there working the Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler system and taking their agency from "scraping by" to 6-figures or more!

But the worst part?

That new 6-figure travel agent could have been you!

Before you ask, I can’t guarantee you'll become a 6 or 7-figure travel agent...

...but someone else definitely CAN.

And that's YOU.

If commit. If you chose to learn this proven system. If you implement it and WORK the program, there's no limit to the kind of business you can build within the luxury travel market segment.

Because when it's all said and done, YOU need to be the fuel that lights your own fire. 

Is that something you have in you?

If you think you do, then I am here to support you all the way. You just have to meet me halfway by clicking the button below.

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BONUS #3: Dan's Secrets to Selling Travel Insurance ($297 Value)

Learn how to boost your bottom line and offer your affluent travelers real security and peace of mind simply by offering third party insurance options.

Join the Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler today

And get access to proven strategies will help you find and sell to these discerning buyers

1 Single Payment of


Make A One-Time Payment

Stop chasing budget clients and start earning "commissions with commas" and take your business to the next level...



More praise for the Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler

"Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler hit a home run! Two minutes into the program I was hooked and wanted to know more [and] by the end of it...YOU DELIVERED."

Bonnie Lee
President, Travel Quest/Travel Leaders

"Dan is the go-to expert for growing your business with the affluent traveler. Save yourself time, energy, and money and seek his help today!"

Kyle Bruening
President, Cruise Finder, Inc.

"This is very powerful stuff! Not only is it interesting and entertaining, it is filled with authentic, useful information to help grow your affluent business...Thanks for a great course Dan!"

Danny Pinchot, ECC
Danny's Luxury Cruise Vacations

"Great program! Dan breaks down the content into easy to understand pieces and provides action items to help you put what you've learned into practice...he's helped take the mystery out of reaching and doing business with the affluent."

Maria Stefanopoulos
Ingenius Traveler

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