“Everyone needs an experienced guide to successfully bring their business to the next level and in the travel business Dan Chappelle is the real deal." 

Perry Lungmus, Vice President, Travel Leaders Group




It boils down to your approach:

Are you SIMPLY...

A Travel Adviser


An Entrepreneur?


The most successful are entrepreneurs in the BUSINESS OF SELLING TRAVEL. 


This simple shift in perspective is vital because there are more travel agents than ever before, yet the available inventory for sale is a fraction of what it once was.


You see, the average travel agent lacks focus.  They spend their days,
  • surfing social media sites such  as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • sending newsletters to dying or dead lists.
  • launching expensive, cookie-cutter “marketing” campaigns.
  • chasing low quality leads  in hope they might buy something - anything!
To them, hope is a strategy.  That they can simply "manifest" clients to magically appear.  Trust me, hope is not a strategy you can depend on.


If you're content with being simply average  then... my Sales Acceleration System is not the right fit for you


But if want to accelerate your business recovery, with qualified prospects who want to do work with you... 


You're exactly where you need to be, I GUARANTEE it! 

(see details below)

Yes! I Am Ready To Accelerate My Recovery.

Are you frustrated because you...

Spend hundreds or thousands on slick “marketing plans" that feel like you’re flushing money down the drain with little return?

Waste time with bargain hunting clients who take your hard work and book it all themselves, Costco, or Expedia?

Followed the advice of your host or consortia and still find yourself with an empty calendar and a phone that doesn't ring?

Wish you could attract a higher quality client with a desire for and appreciation of the value you provide as a travel expert?

Then NOW is the time to Accelerate Your Travel Sales!



But how?

What if you had a proven system guaranteed thatโ€ฆ

Taught you the tactical sales-generating actions that result in attracting quality referrals and even larger commissions?

Showed you how to structure your day-to-day activities to maximize your time and effort and have a life outside of your business.

Established your branding and position to attract a higher quality client whose referrals could power your business?

Showed you how to create a rock solid sales plan emphasizing profitability and growth so you could scale more rapidly?


When You Choose to Accelerate Your Sales...


 You will enjoy access to THE SALES ACCELERATION SYSTEM, Dan's most requested program, for twelve months, where you’ll master the six core strategies required to skyrocket your recovery.  


  1. Rock Solid Sales Strategy

  2. Attraction Marketing

  3. Referral Prospecting

  4. Selling Process

  5. Strategic Follow-Up 

  6. Retention Marketing


Plus, You Will Receive These Valuable Bonuses: 


    • His referral prospect marketing scripts (worth $297)

    • Dan’s signature closing scripts (worth $297)

    • The sales action templates that Dan used to build his own 7-figure agency ($49 value)

    • Dan’s monthly Hot Seat Coaching Sessions where answers your questions live every month ($289 monthly value)

    • The Wealthy Travel Agent’s Attraction & Retention Marketing Plan (worth $79)

    • Plus priority access to Wealthy Travel Agent events, email support, reading lists, new product BETA launches, and so much more...

Get the System Proven to Produce Results!

Sales Acceleration System


Six Module Program with Workbook

  • Bonus:  Referral Marketing Scripts
  • Bonus:  Closing Scripts
  • Bonus:  Action Plan Templates
  • Bonus: Attraction and Retention Marketing Plan Template
Buy Now!

Let's See How Fast Your Business Can Recover!

If you’re ready for the accountability, guidance, and support that takes your business to turn your business around,

then the SALES ACCELERATION SYSTEM is a no-brainer. 


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