Can You Master the Mindset of a US Navy SEAL?

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

Yes, you can! 

A few years back, the self-help book genre was dominated by athletes and coaches, today, former US Navy SEALs are currently the rage.  From Jocko Willink and David Goggins to retired Admiral William McRaven – their lessons of courage, leadership, and perseverance are real and truly inspiring.

While all include mission tales of their military exploits, to which we owe a debt of gratitude, they each have a common theme from their elite SEAL training that we can carry over into our own lives.

SEAL training is physically tough, but according to the authors, the mental challenge is much more demanding.  

David Goggins went from a 300-pound pest exterminator to the only person to complete training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller.  

Now an elite endurance athlete, he shares in his book, “Can’t Hurt Me” that when our mind tells us we are done, we have only tapped into about 40% of our capabilities.  He asserts that we can all push past pain and fear - if we learn to overcome the mental roadblocks we put in front of ourselves.

When I was a child, my grandfather gave me his 1937 original copy of the book, “Think and Grow Rich” I still have it and refer to it often.  I learned early on that we only get one life to live and what I did with it was up to me - no one else. 

It wasn’t easy, but I trained myself not to think about things that were outside my control - In particular, what others were saying and their opinions of me. 

Make no mistake, these two can be more debilitating than the fear of rejection, but in order to stand out, we must ignore the naysayers and stay focused.  Remember - It’s your life and your business, not theirs!

This is what SEALs, successful entrepreneurs, and top salespeople do.  They master their thoughts, staying focused on their objectives, and their actions are congruent with their thoughts-  because that’s what they were trained to do.

Have you trained your mind to have the focus to take the actions needed to not just reach, but blow past your own travel sales goals? 

The author Joshua Medcalf said it best, “Everyone wants to be great until it’s time to do what greatness requires.”

It's a choice.  Something to think about.

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Dan Chappelle is a sales performance coach and professional business transformation advisor. His training and consulting firm help develop sales focused business leaders and entrepreneurs in the travel and tourism industry. 


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