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Uncategorized Mar 06, 2019

I often discuss the importance of “control.” Without it, your life, your work, is being dictated by someone else.  Unfortunately, this is how most people operate.  Let’s face it, there are a number of things outside of your control, things you can’t do anything about, so stop worrying about them. 

You can’t control your competitors. You can’t control trade with China.  That doesn’t mean not being cognizant of them.  It does mean being laser-focused on two things that are 100% within your control. 

  1. You control what you sell.

Let’s be honest, almost every supplier, is a preferred supplier with a consortium or host agency.  But that doesn’t mean every preferred - is preferred with you.  You should limit what you sell and choose your own from within their list.  This is who you are committed to selling first.  It may be because of your experience with the product, higher commissions, a co-op marketing program, BDM relationships, or all of the above.

A great example:  A prospect saw a Princess Cruises advertisement on TV, but your preferred premium cruise line is Holland America - it’s okay to steer them in that direction. They will have a great vacation and you will benefit from the preferred relationship.

  1. You control when you sell it.

Every one of your suppliers, consortia, and host agencies has monthly sales targets and so should you. While you may not be able to control when a client travels, but you can certainly control when you sell them their trip. 

You can influence purchasing decisions through your prospecting and marketing efforts by creating a sense of urgency to book now.   Don’t worry about cash flow, it will eventually catch up.  Stay focused on exceeding your monthly sales targets.  Make sure to set them high to generate enough revenue to be profitable.  Try it – it works.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. It’s okay to steer prospects to your preferred suppliers and it’s okay to create urgency to influence purchasing decisions.  Don’t just tally up the score at the end of the month only to find you can’t pay the bills, set firm sales targets and do everything within your power to achieve them.  You can control your success, but it’s your choice.

 Dan Chappelle is a professional business advisor and best-selling author.  His training and consulting firm helps develop sales focused business leaders and entrepreneurs in the travel and tourism industry. His book, Get Your S.H.I.P. Together: The Wealthy Travel Agent Guide to Sales, is available on Amazon.com.

For information on the Wealthy Travel Agent Academy’s business building programs, visit: www.DanChappelle.com

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