What I learned from my own strategic review - Part 2

Uncategorized May 03, 2017

A couple of months ago, I took some long overdue time to spend working strategically on my business.  The process brought three things into focus that I needed to work on.

In my previous post, I covered the first one: Do a better job of qualifying prospects by getting clearer on who I am and who I serve. The second was a surprise to me at first, but after giving it some thought- it was really a revelation.

Strategic Take-Away #2:  My clients picked me to be their trusted advisor, not just a coach.  I need to give them everything I’ve got.

Lesson:  My first-hand experience is the very reason my clients choose me.

Business experience matters – a lot.  My clients chose me specifically because they believe that with the breadth of business skills, industry knowledge, and first-hand experience I have gained throughout my career in the travel industry - I have the most to offer to their business success.  The value of all of this is priceless to people getting started or struggling with their business, but I admit, I sometimes take it for granted.

My goal has never been to be the biggest, most popular, or best known business coach or adviser, in fact I prefer just the opposite.  My clients are the stars and my job is to help them shine. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see them do well, but up until now, I was only helping them with one aspect of their business. Even my most successful clients wanted more.

At times, I think we all tend to discount the value of what we bring to the table.  Sometimes it takes a good “whack to the side of the head” to help us realize our real worth.

As their advisor, I can look holistically at their business to make ensure their activities are in alignment with achieving the Three Freedoms a business should provide.  It is the essence of what it means to be The Wealthy Travel Agent.

This is well within my area of expertise and what my clients really wanted and needed most.  It is why they chose me, yet I wasn’t offering to help.  My clients become my friends and I realized that I’m doing them a dis-service by not providing them with the most complete business system possible, holding them more accountable, and helping them achieve their vision of success. 

We all have a great deal to offer our customers.  Have you become a trusted advisor to your clients?  Are you using all your life and travel experiences to enrich those of your customers?  Don’t take what you have to offer for granted and sell yourself short like I did.  Go for it.

Action step:  While I have been using this framework informally with coaching clients, I have created The Wealthy Travel Agent Sales Acceleration System based on the six proven business strategies I used to turn my company around from the verge of bankruptcy into a highly profitable sales machine.  These strategies, which when implemented sequentially will deliver the results you desire.  The program brings together the activities, not just one or two, required to build a solid, sales based business.  This system works regardless the size or stage of the business. 

Going forward my Sales Acceleration System will serve as the foundation for my private and group coaching programs beginning next month.

I will offer an affordable group coaching program based on The WTA Sales Acceleration System model.  This is an online, self-study program designed so you may learn at your own pace and share your journey with your peers. Enrollment will begin in May. The six-week program will commence immediately after the close of enrollment and include group coaching sessions to help you implement the system in your business. Introductory rates will be offered for a limited time only.

This is an exciting time.  My business looks quite different today than I had envisioned.  What started out primarily a way to get speaking gigs, has evolved into a business consulting and sales training practice with individual and corporate clients worldwide. 

What does your business look like?  Is it what you envisioned or has it evolved – for better or worse?  What do you need to do to realize the Three Freedoms – Choice, Income, and Life?  Take the time to look honestly and objectively at your life and business.  You may find that this is not really what you want and time to move on – and that’s okay.  Most will see this exercise as a checkpoint on the map to see where you have been and clearer path to where you want to go.

In my final post in this series, I will share steps I have taken to ensure my personal brand speaks to the clients I serve.

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